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Zipcar Membership Contract

Contract Last Revised: July 2014

This contract is a vehicle-sharing service subscription contract between Zipcar France SAS, with capital of 15,000 Euros, registered at the RCS Paris under number 803 636 349, whose headquarters are located at 95, rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris, and member. All Members are required to accept and comply with the terms and conditions in the Contract and the Schedules to it, which form part of the Contract. By using Zipcar's services you accept and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Contract, as it may be amended from time to time in accordance with its terms.


If you have any questions regarding this Contract, please contact us via email at: or by telephone at 09 87 67 50 67.

Zipcar may change the terms of this Contract from time to time if we have a good reason to do so. We will tell you in advance before making any changes. Unless otherwise stated in the notice, changes will be effective when notice is given to Members. Notice will be considered given when the notice is indicated and accessible from the first page accessed after the Member log-on, when it is provided by email to the Member's address on file with Zipcar, or when it is provided via our newsletter. If a Member requests (via an email to us at, we will email that Member a notice of the changes. If you are not happy with the changes you will be able to terminate this Agreement within 14 days of receipt of the notice from Zipcar and we will refund you your Membership Fee for the remaining time of your membership. If you do not terminate your Contract, you agree to the amended terms and conditions of this Contract by continuing to use the Zipcar service.

Your membership is with Zipcar France SAS and entitles you to hire Zipcar vehicles subject to the payment of the applicable Vehicle Hire Fees. When you make a reservation for a Zipcar vehicle, you enter into a contract with the Zipcar company in the country in which the vehicle is located. For Zipcar vehicles picked up in France, this is Zipcar France SAS; for Zipcar vehicles picked up in Austria, this is Zipcar Austria GmbH; for Zipcar vehicles picked up in Canada, this is Zipcar Canada Inc.; for Zipcar vehicles (which will be branded Avancar) picked up in Spain, this is Catalunya Carsharing S.A; for Zipcar vehicles picked up in the UK, this is Zipcar (UK) Limited; and for Zipcar vehicles picked up in the United States, this is Zipcar Inc.

Certain parts of this Contract and the Rules related to your use of Zipcar vehicles and services may vary based upon the jurisdiction in which you reserve or use a Zipcar vehicle. For example, the insurance Zipcar provides may vary based upon the country (or, if applicable, by province or state) in which you are using the Zipcar vehicle and certain different or additional Fees and policies may apply. The Contracts applicable to all jurisdictions in which Zipcar vehicles may be reserved are available through the Zipcar websites.

The Schedules constitute an integral part of this Contract:

Schedule 1: Rules of Vehicle Use
Schedule 2: Additional Charges Schedule
Schedule 3: Membership and Driving Rates Schedule